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EKR 60 K 7 V 2
Type Of Abrasive Grain Size Grade Structure Bond Types Symbol
NK (Normal Korund) Coarse 8-24 Very Soft E-F-G üçer zımpara Ke-Seramik Üçer
EKRR (Noble Corundum) Medium 30-60 Soft H-I-J-K Gu-Rubber Binder
EKW / AW (White) Thin 70-80-100 Medium L-M-N-O Gu-Rubber Symbol
EKRDR(Carmine) Very Thin 120-240 Hard P-Q-R-S
HK (SemiCorundum) Ekstra Thin 280-1200 Very Hard T-U-V-W    
SCG / CG Silisyum Karbür (green)   Extremely Hard X-Y-Z    
SC / CD Silisyum Karbür (black)      




Grinding Subjects Peripheral speed m/sec  
Cutter Grinding
(Large surfece / Manual Grinding)
The general operating speeds shown on the chart are provided to give to the users an idea, in terms of occupational safety and prevention of accidents. High speeds shown with an asterisk (*) may only be attained on equipment specially designed for those speeds indicated on the label of the grinding wheel and only after taking necessary safety measures.
Cutting (Grinding wheels with bakelite binding agent)
Grinding with cylindirical wheels
Cylindrical grinding
Disc grinding
Internal grinding
Cutter grinding (Machine blades)
Coarse grinding with bakalite)

Ceramic, small bore

Surface grinding
Toll grinding

EKRR (88A) - Pink aluminious abrasive with 99 % AL2O3  
Very hard, but a little more brittle than EKRW and therefore less impact-sensitive especially around the edges. Suitable for grinding high-alloyed steels of great tensile strength before hardening. It is commonly used for making mounted points for steel and cast iron processing.
üçer zımpara
EKRW (89A) - Wihte aluminious abrasive 99.9 % AL2O3  
It is hard and brittle and its hardness is around 9 on the Mohs' hardness scale. This sharp aluminous abrasive is the most commonly used one for tool grinding (tool and high-speed steels) and for precision grinding of hardened and stainless steels.   
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EKRDR High- purity Aluminium oxide 97.4 % (Dark Red Fused Alumina)
Dark Red Fused Alumina is a special high-purity aluminium oxide made of pure alumina with the addition of approx. 2.1 % chromium oxide in an electric arc furnace in a batch process. Due to the high percentage of chromium oxide interspersed in the crystal lattice of aluminium oxide in solid solution, the hardness of DARK RED Fused Alumina lies between that of WHITE fused Alumina and BROWN/REGULAR aluminium oxide. Dark Red Fused Alumina is mainly employed in ceramic-bonded grinding wheels for the precision grinding of annealed malleable cast iron, external cylindrical grinding of high-speed steel, internal grinding of heat-treated steel, tool grinding of high-speed tool steel and others. In special cases, Dark Red Fused Alumina can be used as a substitute for mono-crystalline aluminium oxide in creep-feed grinding.
üçer zımpara

SGC (C) - Green Silicon carbite.

A particularly hard, very brittle abrasive with a hardness of about 9.5 on the Mohs' hardness scale. This impact-and percussion-sensitive abrasive is used primarily for processing hard metals and ceramic cutting materials, glass and also acid-resistant steels with austenitic structure.
üçer zımpara
SC (CD)- Green Silicon carbite.     
Very hard but less brittle than GSC. Its hardness is about 9.5 on the Mohs' hardness scale. It is used for grinding metallic and non-metallic blanks of low tensile strength, grey iron, spheroidal graphite iron, chilled cast iron, malleable iron before annealing, brass, bronze, aluminium, organic mineral, and ceramic materials.
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